Encourage Your Kids to $ave Some Dough!

It's important to instill good saving habits at a young age. If you start practicing good saving techniques with your little ones, they are more likely to keep this habit throughout their life. No matter what your child may be saving toward, good money habits last a lifetime! Here at First National Bank, we know the importance of saving, especially at a young age. We have a Kid$ Dough Saving Account program in place to help get your little ones started on the right foot!

Kid$ Dough Savings Account Features: - Interest bearing
- Interest is compounded daily and credited quarterly
- $25.00 Minimum balance to open
- No minimum balance required
- Unlimited Deposits
- By Regulation, this account is limited to 6 withdrawals or transfers per statement cycle. Each additional withdrawal or transfer is subject to an excessive withdrawal fee of $0.25 per withdrawal. - There is no limit to in-person withdrawal or transfer.
- E-Statement or Paper Statement
- Online and Mobile Banking
- Online …

College Savings Tips to Start TODAY

Do you have a child or grandchild on the way? Have someone who is nearing high school graduation? It's never too late to start saving for college. As your trusted Lake of the Ozarks bank, we know how much of a financial burden a college education can be. Below we've provided some tips to help prepare for the hefty cost of further education.

Establish a Savings Account The first step to saving is to have a separate account designed for the upcoming expense. Many times parents will mentally set money aside. This is a great start but can be more easily spent that if it is not in a different account altogether. Stop by one of our branches today and we will help you set up a savings account for your future college student!

Make Regular Contributions Your account will grow if you make regular contributions to it. It can be helpful to have your payroll company automatically place a portion of your paycheck into this account. If that option does not work, you can have a payment set up…

Security Tips for Online Banking

Online banking gives you a great convenience factor. You can check your bank accounts on the go with First National Bank’s mobile banking app, as well as checking your accounts online from your desktop. Our Lake of the Ozarks bank offers great options for managing your accounts, the banking app being one of them. When you do use our convenient banking methods, it’s important to use caution when banking online. Below, we’ve provided some tips to help you use your online banking features securely.

Access your account from a secure location. When checking your bank account, make sure you are in a secure location. A public wifi is not always the safest place to browse, especially when dealing with sensitive information like your bank account. Consider your location before logging into your online bank account.

Keep your device up-to-date. Whether you are using a desktop computer, a tablet, or a phone, keep your device updated. This can help to make it run smoothly and securely. Security f…

Financial Tips for First-Time Home Buyers

Are you planning to purchase your first home in the near future? It may be time to start financially preparing for what may be one of the biggest purchases of your life. Buying a home is a major investment and is something you will have to work toward. The financial investment required to purchase a home is usually too great to finance up front. A loan is one of the most common methods to buy a home. First National Bank offers home loans for many buyers in the area.  A mortgage loan at the Lake of the Ozarks can help you secure your dream of homeownership. As you prepare to buy your first house, consider some of the tips below to make the process easier.

Set Money Aside Buying a home is a major investment and money will need to be set aside for the upcoming expenses. A down payment may be required to secure your home loan. You can start saving for the downpayment and closing costs that may be in your near future. Traditionally 15-20% was required for a down payment, but now there are …

Keeping the American Dream Alive

Are you dreaming of a quaint house with a white picket fence? Thinking about starting your own small business? Daydreaming about a sleek new sports car? No matter what your "American Dream" looks like, our Lake of the Ozarks bank is here to help. Working toward your dream often takes financial support. Here at First National Bank, we focus on helping our customers achieve their financial goals. To learn a little more about our Lake of the Ozarks loan options, take a look below!

Buying a Home Homeownership is a big accomplishment and you should be proud of taking this step in your life. Providing a stable environment can be a great asset for your entire family. When it comes time to buy a new house, our mortgage loan service can be of great help to you. Our lending team can help show you how much of a home you can afford and give you lending options for this next step in your life.

Purchasing a Car Are you in the market for a new car? First National Bank has lending options f…

Tips to Avoid Tax Return Fraud

Tax Return season is upon us, and with that the possibility of Tax Return Fraud.  At First National Bank, we care about you and your money so we would like to take this opportunity to provide some tips to keep you safe from being a victim of tax return fraud.

With the recent Equifax data breach, your information could have been compromised, including your social security number.  The first method of preventing identity theft is to place a credit freeze or file an identity theft report, however, this does not prevent potential tax return fraud.  The following are steps you can take so you don’t become the next victim:

- File your tax return as soon as possible.  The sooner you file your tax return, the less likely the crooks will be able to get a false return filed before you.

- Be wary of unscrupulous tax return preparers.  Stick with a company or professional you know and avoid a pop-up shop that offers bigger returns.  There are some bad individuals that show up each filing season t…

Tips for Setting Financial Goals in 2018

Did you make a New Year’s resolution this year? If your goal has to do with improving your current financial situation, you are not alone.  Spending less, saving more, and budgeting are all popular resolutions for the year. Here at First National Bank, we know how important your financial health is and we want to help you reach your financial goals for 2018. Our Lake of the Ozarks bank has provided some quick tips to help you set your money goals this year.

Assess Your Current Situation The key to setting a solid goal for the future is to learn from the past. Take a look at your current financial situation and where you think you have gotten off track in the past. This can help give you a good idea of ways to improve your current financial situation. Don’t forget to document your current situation so you can track your progress as you work toward achieving your money goals over the year.

Set a Clear Goal When setting a goal, you want to ensure it is clear. Make sure the goal you set i…